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    Determined What are you determined to explore… Are you determined to, create or become or to know what it is you want?  If you have lost your job or facing the challenge of finding your true direction, facing life say, after divorce.  Or have you realised you need to start following your dreams rather than someone else’s and you are now open to possibilities?  Then start exploring now. Get determined to make it happen now!

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    That Relaxed Feeling

    That relaxed feeling… You might be surprised to know that hypnosis is a very familiar relaxed feeling, one that you experience every day. Just like meditation, hypnosis is very similar, it’s just allowing the unconscious mind to take suggestion in a positive way and allowing the conscious mind to have a rest from it constant work. it is that wonderful relaxed feeling of just allowing, being present in the moment and listening. The relaxed feeling is allowing the mind chatter cease and demanding that you sit and be in your breath and in your body. It is trusting that you are ok and able to just be you. Whether you…

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    Get The Right Attitude To Create Altitude

    Get The Right Attitude To Create Altitude Here are 12 simple steps to getting some altitude in your business. Inspired by my love of flying. I have to warn you ahead of time that, if your not a fan of flying you may not enjoy it as much or then again who know until you try? It is  a little fun ‘flying’ analogy that we recreational pilots enjoy so I apologise if it is not blowing your hair back.  It is all about your attitude to create altitude in business. You can use them in life too. See if you can notice the parallel in the things you do in business as…