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Welcome to Adventure Lifestyle Coaching, where a lifetime of travel experience has shaped a journey of empowerment and self-discovery. Our founder, Linda McCall, embarked on a mission to design a life where she could dictate the when and where of her travels, steering her own course rather than conforming to the demands of others. Her desire was to be the captain of her own plane, exercising full control over the direction of her life.

Linda’s professional journey began as an international flight attendant and later, she served in the Royal Australian Airforce for five years. Over nearly 15 years, she contributed her skills to various airlines, from Kendal Airlines covering regional ports to Qantas managing national routes. A hiatus took her to the Private VIP sector for Net Jets Middle East, where she flew as crew for the Saudi Ministry of Finance and Foreign Affairs on a Boeing Business Jet, before returning to Qantas as an International Flight Attendant.

Living and working in the Middle East triggered a deeper yearning within Linda to create something meaningful and personal. This desire intensified as she explored different corners of the globe during her time as an international flight attendant. During her holidays, Linda challenged herself to become the captain of her own plane, learning to fly and opening up a whole new chapter in her life. This pivotal moment led her to leave her job and establish her first company.

Learning to fly not only marked a significant accomplishment but also propelled Linda into a realm of entrepreneurship. Seated in the captain’s seat of her life, she earned her wings and embraced a new adventure. Linda’s journey has been characterized by a continuous pursuit of personal and professional growth.

With a leap of faith, Linda transitioned into a new reality of entrepreneurship, embarking on a lengthy journey to where she stands today. She achieved her life goal of living abroad and became the founder of a global company. Linda is passionate about helping others create a new way of living while exploring the world.

Passionate about motorcycles she’s ridden motorbikes solo across three continents circumnavigated Australia, across America Solo from San Francisco to New York and Europe. She rides, she fly’s, she’s a nomad she’s a founder and she’s here to help you on your journey.

At Adventure Lifestyle Coaching, she shares her insights and experiences to guide you on a transformative journey. Let Linda empower you, providing the tools to help you craft your unique lifestyle path with ease. Your adventure in self-discovery and personal growth begins here.


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