Navigating life change

In the navigation of life’s adventures, you can be certain the only sure thing in life is change. Everything changes and the more we fight it or resistance we have the less flow we experience. There is no doubt that change is challenging but where there is a challenge there is growth. As we look down the barrel of change we find strength in ourselves we didn’t know we had, and therein lies the beauty of change. This Change may be a desire to change jobs, taking action on beginning your idea to market, relationships change or other.

Change can look like a horrific crazy event but can also be a blessing. Mostly if we choose to notice we bring that change on our self. I remember saying to my partner as we went camping one day, “wouldn’t it be good if we could pack up our life as we know it and live on the road?’. Twelve months later we were travelling and living on the road.  As a digital nomad, the world is my home and my base is where my heart is most happy. Where I am most happy is in the outdoors and in nature. As I write this I am sitting on my camp chair in Mono QLD’s outback, working on my Surface Pro on the back of my 4 wheel drive tailgate with the dog at my feet and the raven ‘caw’ and birds ‘chirping’ in the background. Depending on how you have experienced life yourself to date, you may or may or may not have an experience that you can relate to that is like what I am describing here, but I have and I carefully designed it this way. It might even make your head tilt and say “huh, you what?” Why would you do that?  if I don’t like it ask “how can I experience it differently?” and what can I learn from it?

People always ask us ‘where are we from and where are we going?’ What they really want to know is ‘why are you here?’ what are you doing in my town my space, my town but ultimately “how will this affect me?’ It is a natural survival skill we pull out when we don’t understand something.

On my journey, through this divine life, I have been given, I have experienced so many great things, from living in the outback on Aboriginal missions to living in the desert in a five-star hotel and flying with Royalty and the craziness that comes in between. Fortunately for me, I have been very blessed with a ‘spirit of adventure’ (which we all have inside us depending on if we let it out to play) enables me to do what I do the way I do it.  I am just exploring life my way. Of course, it is not without its challenges, like learning the art of telling my story in a way that it will give value, and encourage you on your own journey, with the knowledge you are not alone anything is possible.

What is your life journey?

On my journey, through this divine life, I have been given on this planet, I have experienced so great things from living in the outback on Aboriginal missions to living in the desert in a five-star hotel and flying with Royalty and the craziness that comes in between. Fortunately for me, I have been very blessed with a ‘spirit of adventure’ (which we all have inside us) enables me to do what I do the way I do it.  I am just exploring life my way. Of course, it is not without its challenges, like learning the art of telling my story in a way that it will give value, and encourage you on your own journey, with the knowledge you are not alone.

When I travel I learn. I have also discovered that it’s not the collecting stuff that I love, which I have enjoyed in the past.   The meaning and the story I attached to all the stuff, in the end, I decided was just a story and one that was no longer relevant to me today.  I put that meaning on the stuff I collect, trinkets, kitchen stuff,  although passionate about my antiques and old motorbikes, but when I let go of the things, knowing that there is ample stuff out there in the world, I can buy it when I need it.  It is the experiences on my adventures, the people that I meet, that is the stuff that really that blows my hair back. It changed through my desire to go out into the world and explore more,live simply explore my relationships with the world. Now 18 months down the track and I am still discovering through lifes adventures daily what is important to me. What I appriciate is the freedom of expression.

Values & Principles Shift

A significant emotional event can change our lives and change our mind about what is real and what is not. I am sure you have had this experience in life. It can turn our world as we know it upsidedown. Which in turn can alter our path by affecting our inner compass (Values and Principle). This means that you start to feel that you start to question your being, your purpose and your why in this world. And believe me, I have had that questioning a few times in my life.

My parents bought me up in the Northern Territory and as a child, I was fortunate to experience life in the outback on aboriginal missions where my Father was a builder and my mother was a nurse. They gave me the gift of “the spirit of adventure” and the taste of an adventurous lifestyle. through my travels and experiences, I learned the essence of culture, which gave me the tools to understand how cultures differ and how they are similar.

Observation of culture

A culture is a language we use to communicate. The way we act within it with each other, the rituals we share the stories through song and dance, food and gatherings. that is the reality that bites. The observation that our culture has a connectivity like never before but on the same hand a disconnect in ourselves like never before. which brings me to the conversation of BigData collection.

BigData & Why

We are so busy watching reality shows for entertainment that we are unable to create our own adventures, we are waiting for life to happen to us, rather than create it. On some levels, what we are doing is, that with reality shows we are collecting BigData for Artificial Intelligence (AI) to learn and understand how we react and how we respond in certain situations as humans. The data collection points are now endless with wearables and algorithms, and we keep giving permission for that data to be collected by our continual participation. Be it that you see this as good or bad it just is what it is. However, it is something to think about. To me, it looks like one big science experiment, data collecting abyss that is interesting and scary all at the same time.

In general, it is good food for thought to ask the question “why?”. Why do we do what we do? that is simply a question for you to ponder, there is no right or wrong, it is all about you. If you are up for the challenge pull out some paper from the printer and start writing you’re ‘Why’.

Searching for something more
When we search for something new, a new relationship and new job a new career a new travel destination, what we really want to know is; ‘Why we feel what we feel and why have it changed, why don’t I want this anymore, why do I not fit in any more and what so I want to experience?’

My good friend and world adventurer Dan Skeats say; “It is all about the people” he believed is so much he had it tattooed on his body. It is the people you meet that make travel special and the experiences you have that is the key to happiness and the meaning of life in every area. So, imagine how your experience could be different if you went into each situation with curiosity ( like a child ) rather than judgment ( when we jump to conclusion ) and how different that can make each experience and the outcomes. My point is that we can change how we experience the world around us depending on our mindset entering the experience.

Significant turning points and what decisions and beliefs changed at that point

Just for the sake of self-discovery, ask yourself; “What are the significant turning points in my life and what were the decisions made there?”

Perhaps it was being a mother or father that took you on the adventure of a lifetime and I am sure my mother would say that it is an adventure all right! I am still making her eyes roll. And the same goes both ways. We are constantly learning to form each other. Be it divorce, job change, loss through an event, a sickness that has brought you to where you are today, it is a gift. You may not see it yet but it has brought you to question your existence and that is the beginning of a new exciting adventure.

If we are not learning we are not growing. If we are not growing we are not listening, if we are not listening we are not allowing ourselves to truely experience an extraordinary life.- Linda McCall

Create Time 

The journey we go on in life is often one that is unexpected. And there in the unexpected lies the gold. Each Moment allows us to stretch our boundaries, each interaction is an opportunity and each, breath is a gift. If you discover the gift in the little things, such as the wind in your hair or a breeze on your skin, we take life for granted. If we take the time, that some of us complain we don’t have; which is debatable depending on your outlook, we can perhaps change our mind and look a little closer to notice we create time. That being said, it is possible to decide whether or not we have the time or more to the point if we want to make the time.

Your brain is now processing only what it can as it deletes, distorts and generalises only that of which it has experienced in this life to have something to relate it too. But what if I get it wrong? If we are not pushing boundaries you are not learning if you are not failing you are not experiencing how to do it better. So here I am in the world just punching out the best of my experience I have to date to share it with you. Why? because you are my teacher.

Do you want to know how to live your life with more freedom and if you are ready to discover how to feed your adventurous soul and wondering “what’s next?” Then you are in the right place and you are not alone on your journey.

Understanding personality type is just the beginning

Begin with understanding who you are in can help you to identify and find out who’s who in the zoo. This is a game changer and for me it helped me accept myself for who I am and that parts of me were infact the whole zoo and that we play roles in our life to suit the circumstances, so the question is how long have you played that role for and is it still relevant to who you are today.

Your intention is everything

Make your intention today to experience your world through the eyes of a newborn and see the delight without experiencing the fear. Come and join us on an adventure and discover your new identity, personally, in business and in all areas of your life.You are not alone, We can do it together. You have lots of options that will suit your needs. So I invite you to take up a free offer for an hour of FREE Consultation.


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