Meet the Team

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The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems

Mahatma Gandhi

Team Members

Dakar Dingo

Virtual Assistant

An adventurous soul and chief navigator/ virtual assistant. Dakar loves to travel and he has now travelled two countries Australia and Principality of Hut in W.A and he has lapped Australia one and a half times and still travelling.

Linda McCall

Master Coach

Linda McCall has a passion for people and travel and has made it her life’s business. Having lived and worked in other countries around the globe, her love for adventure runs deep in her veins. Linda lives a life of adventure as a digital nomad living and working as she travels. Discover more freedom and connect the dots to discover your ‘why’.

Mark Phillips

Business Coach

Adventurous nomadic entrepreneur & business mentor who loves growing business through innovation. Mark love adventure travel and has travelled to 101 countries and still discovering and evolving business and startups globally.

Trusted By

Thank you for spending the time to Mentor me at the EU Summit Conference for startups in Barcelona, you opened a door for me and enabled me to move forward with clarity. My heartfelt thanks (as he presented me with a small token of appreciation the Key to Barcelona) – Alexander Designer & Director of Dafter Jeans

Alexander – Barcelona Spain

Alexander – Barcelona Spain

Linda has the most positive and creative outlook in life which bubble over into everyone around her. I first met Linda in Mackay on her travels around Australia, she was attending as a coach at a startup weekend. With the ambition to start my own business and having to transition from the mining sector with a military background is no easy task. Meeting Linda was one of the best things that ever happened to me, as has been through it all herself. Linda helps you break through the walls that society puts around you and lets you know it’s ok not to conform to what people think, with a can-do anything attitude and a positive outlook on life, I have started my new journey with her as a valuable mentor to guide me through this transition. Brett – Director of Carbine Concepts

Brett – Sth Africa

Brett – Sth Africa

Innovate Your Business sessions with the presenter and mentor Linda McCall has been a game-changer. Linda is highly knowledgeable about business, Startups, connections and collaboration. Attending the sessions has given me confidence in myself and my business. Making use of the video pitching thanks to Linda and ready to take all the mentoring and connection to take my business to the next level. I now have my first big international client. Thank you, Linda! – Melanie Director of Speaking Styles

Melanie – Scotland

Melanie – Scotland