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Global adventure travel is Linda’s passion fueled by her curiosity of human behaviour and how we communicate with each other. Having travelled to over 70 countries in the world and still exploring she has drawn on her passion and experience of 25-years of front end customer service to serving others to explore what is possible for you the entrepreneur and your team. Linda guides you to discover your WHY by Through the spirit of adventure and understanding what holds foundations of your idea together. YOU!

With an adventurous mind, there is more than one direction to travel. Discover possibilities and the opportunities that are learnt through experiencing other cultures, and the acceptance of the unknown, that is the meaning of adventure. Possibilities are endless once you understand how you operate in this world. Start to plan and design a life that aligns best with who you are now. Discovering your values is life acknowledging your adventurous soul and giving it permission to fly. What is possible is completely up to you.

Linda explains “At the age of 43, I literally became the pilot of my own plane which was just another proof point for me that the story I accepted in my life to the day I flew solo was only a story and I could change the direction and navigate it safely in the direction of my dreams. Not long after that, I rode my motorbike across America solo and recently around Australia and most of Europe through 22 countries.”

Furthermore discovering your values in life is acknowledging your adventurous soul and giving it permission to fly.

What is possible is completely up to you.

Our mind has the power to make anything possible and I want to share with you how you can live a life you dream of and to find your proof points that will allow you to adventure in your new direction. Life is one big adventure so make it a good one!


Linda makes it possible to conceive your dreams by guiding you through your WHY, mapping a path and strategies to make it happen. Trained as a master coach in Neuro Linguistic programming with the best in the world and passionate about human behaviour and inspire adventure to assist growth. Linda often coaches her clients in outdoor natural spaces or over skype and believes that her clients are her teachers.

Linda Also volunteers her time as a startup mentor and has done for the past 2 years on the road, Her own journey to living her dream lifestyle and living a nomadic life shows she is serious about her business of helping other create freedom and go help them on their own startup adventure.

Passionate about the customer journey Linda has a unique skill for helping businesses map their customer’s journey as she is able to utilise her high-end customer development skill from 25-year experience in the front line customer service industries. Linda knows exceptional customer service and is helping rural businesses and startups to map that journey.


A Master Practitioner of the art and science of change – Neuro Linguistic Programing.

Explore possibilities for your business, discover your personal strengths & team focus.

Guide you to explore possibilities for your business, discover your personal strengths & team focus.
Map out a clear new business journey for your future

Understand the customer journey and touchpoints of your business

Personality testing’and profiling based on Myers Briggs profiling (AusIdentities)

Brand archetypes and how they can develop

How to get better relationships in life/business

Create goals & strategies that work quarterly missions plans

How to implement quarterly missions plans

Find out why you keep making the same mistakes in life/ business

Workshop facilitation for teams and groups

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Almost a year to the day (2 days out), the dream future that I sketched out at Linda’s workshop in 2015 is magically taking form. I have just looked back on my notes from that day and it is nothing short of astounding how my life has played out to bring my dream to life, which sounds corny and trite but it’s true. Uncanny. Thank you Linda for nudging me to expand my thinking about what’s possible, for helping me to join the dots, and for challenging me to think ‘why not?’. It’s all happening.

Mary O’Callaghan