Innovate in business to stay relevant in changing times

This is an online business workshop that helps you understand the rapidly changing landscape of business so that you can stay relevant and supply something that people want today. If you are seeing peoples behaviours change and they are not buying from you any more that means you need to find a better way to do your business to fulfil their needs.

Consumers are getting lazy and we so are shop keepers. Have you been talking about your business and complaining about how the customer has changed?

Has your business foot traffic changed?

Are you blaming online shopping?

There is constant change and you as a business owner need to be agile and innovative.


  • What you can do in the first 100 days to turn your business around.
  • Customer experience
  • How to use a business model canvas to undress your business and revisit all the moving parts
  • Find out what social media platforms you need to focus on
  • How to get your team to engage and e proactive
  • How to motivate your customer and incentivise them
  • Discover why to know what your industry is doing on other continents is important for your future business.
  • Discover why you are no longer a small business

All these things and more are import to the survival of your business in regional areas.

Get active and book me to run the next Innovate business in your regional town.